PrestaShop development and support

A large number of themes for creating stores on different orientation and for various versions of the system
A large number of modules - extensions
Support and update of new features that appear in the Internet
Huge community where you can always get support and help
Processing speed and functionality at a decent level and its constant development
Convenient PrestaShop marketplace with a large selection of extensions and themes
PrestaShop is an open source software developed using the object oriented language PHP. The language itself is developing dynamically and is one of the leaders. The CMS PrestaShop is developing after him and shows good performance on its stores. And this platform is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses, for small stores.

There are also negative aspects of this CMS:

Despite the large number of extensions in the box, for a full-fledged store, you still have to buy the necessary modules
Switching to a new major version of prestashop will require updating third-party modules and themes, which will increase the budget
The cost of modules for prestashop is quite high compared to ones of CMS competitors

Despite these disadvantages, CMS prestashop is a well-designed, complete and comfortable system, ready to work immediately after installation.

To create a store, you need an attractive design and the necessary functionality, which can be found on the official marketplace for modules and themes - PrestaShop marketplace. All templates and extensions are tested before being placed on the marketplace.

Webproggi is also represented in PrestaShop marketplace:

prestashop partner
superhero prestashop logo

Services that we provide for development on the basis of PrestaShop:

Prestashop development and support of online stores
Development, creation and maintenance of modules and themes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
What are the stages of work before creating a new store?
Before starting work on the development of a new store, it is necessary to determine its functionality and design. Asking and answering questions will show the overall picture of the work.
It is necessary to develop a new specific functionality for the store. What are the steps?
Before ordering the development of new functionality, try to look for a ready-made one. Perhaps someone has already asked this question.
It is necessary to draw a finished store design, do you do this?
We don't design. Before starting work, you should already have a finished design, no matter in what form. We will install it and make it work.
I need to upgrade prestashop versions, how do I calculate the cost?
The cost of work is calculated from the time spent on these works.

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