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Here are the main tasks we do using prestashop:

Development, creation and maintenance of modules and themes
Development and support of online stores
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  • The module improves the site's SEO for promotion. This is done in three ways

    Additional description for manufacturers module

    The module showing additional description for manufacturers for prestashop extends the functionality of one of the most popular platforms for creating online stores. Recently a new version of the module was released. Consider the functionality in this article.
  • Additional category description module

    Additional category description module for prestashop (Update)

    A new version of the additional category description module has recently been released, with big changes. Support for frequently asked questions (FAQs) for categories has been added.(Another one update)
  • Questions and Answers module for prestashop (update)

    With the help of the questions and answers module, you can comfortably create, answer and edit questions that your store visitors ask. Display questions and answers in a list on a single page, on the pages of categories, products and brands. There was...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
What are the stages of work before creating a new store?
Before starting work on the development of a new store, it is necessary to determine its functionality and design. Asking and answering questions will show the overall picture of the work.
It is necessary to develop a new specific functionality for the store. What are the steps?
Before ordering the development of new functionality, try to look for a ready-made one. Perhaps someone has already asked this question.
It is necessary to draw a finished store design, do you do this?
We don't design. Before starting work, you should already have a finished design, no matter in what form. We will install it and make it work.
I need to upgrade prestashop versions, how do I calculate the cost?
The cost of work is calculated from the time spent on these works.

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