Review of prestashop What's new?

Review of Prestashop What's new?
Last week, the prestashop team provided a beta version of prestashop For a month, you can test and try new features that have been introduced in this version. Consider what’s new.

Fixing bugs (and there were more of them than there were when prestashop was released) and adding improvements to existing functions took more than a year. The main difference in this version is the failure to be compatible with PHP versions lower than 7.1.3. To run prestashop you will need PHP version >= 7.1.3. Also prestaShop introduces support for PHP version 7.3. Also, the changes affected the updates of jQuery and Smarty.

Key New features and improvements in this version:

1. The order list pages and order cards have been redesigned and completely migrated to symfony. (Read more –

Here’s what the order list page looks like:

Order list pages in prestashop 1.7.7

It has now evolved into an accordion:

Order list pages in prestashop 1.7.7

Here’s what the order page looks like:

Order pages in prestashop 1.7.7

2. Improved search engine in the front office.

3 . Sellers have the ability to add new official and unofficial currencies (for example, local or custom) to their store and customize their display depending on the language:

Currencies in prestashop 1.7.7

Currencies in prestashop 1.7.7

4. You can now translate an email theme in the back office using the new email theme introduced in prestashop version 1.7.6 and available under Design > Email Subject:

Email in prestashop 1.7.7

5. New languages have been added to prestashop and its installer, and language packs have been updated.

6. Emoji Support: All database tables are now encoded in utf8mb4 by default, which allows you to support emoji both in the front office and in the back office:

Emoji in prestashop 1.7.7

Emoji in prestashop 1.7.7

7. and so on.

In this version, 15 new pages have been ported to symfony, including the order pages:

– Orders > Orders: List, view and edit, add
– Orders > Payment receipts
– Orders > Shopping Cart: View
– Catalog> Monitoring
– Catalog > Brands and suppliers: Announcement, view, add and edit
– Directory > Files: List, add and edit
– Customer Service > Order Messages > List, Add and Edit
– Customers > Addresses > Announcement, addition and modification

As a result, the total number of migrated content reached almost 55% in the back office.

New hooks have also been added:
1. displayAdditionalCustomerAddressFields
2. displayFooterCategory
3. actionAdminAdminPreferencesControllerPostProcessBefore

These are the major visible changes and improvements for this version.

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