Additional description for manufacturers module

Additional description for manufacturers module for Prestashop
The module showing additional description for manufacturers for prestashop extends the functionality of one of the most popular platforms for creating online stores. Recently a new version of the module was released. Consider the functionality in this article.

Let’s list the main properties of the module:

1. Easily create, edit, delete additional manufacturer descriptions.
2. Available additional manufacturer descriptions in the form of a common list for better management.
3. Display additional descriptions for the manufacturer list page.
4. Additional manufacturer descriptions in the front office on manufacturer pages (left column hooks, right column hooks, footer hooks and in var-code position).
5. Partial view of the additional description.
6. Optional manufacturer description on only one page (first page) when you have pagination or filtering process on manufacturer page and manufacturer list page. (supported in prestashop >= 1.7.x).
7. Easy to create, edit, delete FAQ and FAQ templates for manufacturers (supported in prestashop >= 1.7.6.x).
8. Display FAQs for manufacturers in Front Office with Schema markup for better SEO of manufacturer page. (supported in prestashop >= 1.7.6.x).
9. Easy management of FAQ and FAQ templates in Back Office. (supported in prestashop >= 1.7.6.x).
10. Using shortcodes (supported in prestashop >= 1.7.6.x).
11. Support for multilingualism.
12. Support for multiple stores.

This functionality of the module has a number of advantages:

1. Improves the quality of customer service. Users can easily get answers to their questions related to a particular manufacturer’s products without having to contact customer service.
2. Increases sales. More detailed product descriptions and answers to frequently asked questions help users make more informed purchasing decisions, which can lead to increased conversions and sales.
3. Improves the user experience. Users get more complete information about the products they are considering and can better understand their features and characteristics.
4. Improves site SEO for promotion. This is done in three ways: evenly distributing brand page content text, Schema markup for FAQs, and automatic content embedding thanks to short codes.

The basic settings of the module are as follows:
The basic settings of the Additional description for manufacturers module for prestashop

For comfortable work with FAQ, you can create FAQ templates in the module. FAQ templates can be linked to a brand and manage FAQ content from one centralized template. Also, shortcodes can be inserted into all of the additional description and FAQ content. The list of templates and shortcodes is as follows:
The list of templates and shortcodes for prestashop

The template card looks as follows:
The template card in the module settings for prestashop

In the brand card, you can create separate FAQs for that brand or bind FAQ templates to add an additional description:
Brand card for additional manufacturer description module for prestashop

FAQ form of additional manufacturer description module for prestashop

The result of the module on the brands page:
Brand page for prestashop

The result of the module on the manufacturer’s page:
Brand page for prestashop

Full functionality is better implemented on prestashop versions starting from 1.7.6.x.

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