Slider and gallery anywhere module for prestashop

Module Gallery - Slider in every place for prestashop
Allows you to create, manage and display sliders or galleries on any front office prestashop page. The module expands the possibilities of prestashop, makes it possible to improve and attract the attention of customers to certain content in your store (for example: to ongoing promotions, discounts, etc.).

Thanks to the advanced settings, you can customize each gallery or slider as you like for your theme. The module supports individual settings for each of the galleries or slider. And they are as follows:

1. Easily create, edit, delete sliders and galleries for your store pages.
2. Convenient display of sliders and galleries in the form of a list for better control.
3 . Individual settings for displaying the slider or gallery (speed, auto-scrolling, width, height, etc.).
4. Display the corresponding slider or gallery on the page or hook.
5. Support for multilinguals.
6. Support for multi-stores.

The main features of the module include:

1. A convenient list of galleries or sliders to manage: create, edit, delete, move, activate.
2. Support for multi-stores.
3 . Support for multilinguals.
4. Individual settings for each gallery or slider.
5. Convenient placement of galleries or sliders in the proposed hooks.
6. Ajax – support for uploading images in the module settings.
7. Multiple placement.
8. Placement in the descriptions of goods, categories, manufacturer, CMS, supplier due to the established variables.
9. Support for placement in template files (.tpl)

The settings of the module with the display of a list of galleries or sliders are as follows:
Slider module and gallery settings anywhere for prestashop

The gallery settings are as follows:
Gallery settings anywhere for prestashop

The slider settings are as follows:
Slider settings anywhere for prestashop

The form of editing the content of the picture in the slider is as follows:
Settings for editing picture content in the slider for prestashop

Hooks, in which galleries or sliders can be placed, are installed directly in the settings and they are as follows:

— Main page and footer —
1. Home Page
2. Footer
3. Home Tab Content
— Columns —
4. Left Column
5. Right Column
— Product Card —
6. Right Column product
7. Left Column product
8. Product Tab
9. Footer Product
— Shopping Cart —
10. Shopping Cart Footer
— Content–
11. Product Description
12. Description of categories
13. CMS description

Slider or gallery location settings:
Slider or gallery location settings for prestashop

In order to use the gallery or slider in the content, variables are used that are displayed in the module settings. Using variables in the description of CMS content:
Using variables in the description of CMS content for prestashop

Display the result of the CMS description in the front office:
Displaying the cmS description result in the front office for prestashop

An example of displaying a gallery in a basket hook:
Display gallery in cart hook for prestashop

An example of displaying a gallery in a hook on the main page:
Display the gallery in a hook on the main page for prestashop

Example of displaying a slider in the full description of the product in the product card:
Display of slider in full product description in the product card for prestashop

Example of displaying a slider in a TOP hook:
Slider display in top hook for prestashop

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