Cryon syntax highlighter code insertion editor for wordpress

Cryon syntax highlighter code insertion editor for wordpress
If you need to insert the code into the body of the article, there is a need to display the code beautifully, comfortably and efficiently. Unfortunately, the WordPress box does not meet such criteria, so you have to look for solutions from third-party developers.

Among the huge number of plugins offered by third-party developers stands out: cryon syntax highlighter. It will be discussed in this article. You can download the plugin here Here.

At the moment, the latest available version of the plugin is 2.7.1. After installing the plugin, you need to configure it so that you do not change the settings every time you insert the code. The settings have a large number of parameters that the user can change starting from the choice of theme, font, metric and ending with the error log:

Cryon syntax highlighter editor - settings

Now let’s go directly to the insertion of the code. The difference from other plugins of this kind is the popup window that opens, where the displayed code will be added. The window displays the same settings for the case when the displayed code needs to be converted and distinguished from the code that is displayed by default:

Cryon syntax highlighter editor - settings

Cryon syntax highlighter editor - popup settings window

In general, the stable and high-quality work of the plugin with the displayed code was noted.

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