Questions and Answers module for prestashop (update)

Модуль вопросов и ответов для prestashop
With the help of the questions and answers module, you can comfortably create, answer and edit questions that your store visitors ask. Display questions and answers in a list on a single page, on the pages of categories, products and brands. There was a module update recently. Let’s see what has changed.

To install the module, you just need to unzip the archive with the module from the modules folder of your store and install the module through the admin panel. After that, the module is ready to work.

The main functions of the module:

1. Settings of quantity of the displayed questions and answers.
2. The notice on email about the arrived questions and answers.
3. Spam list to ip-addresses.
4. Easy management of questions and answers in settings of the module.
5. Display of questions and answers on the single page, in product pages, category pages and manufacturer pages.
6. Micromarking of in the views of blocks supports.
7. Shows like/dislike buttons for each question.
8. Customizable color settings for module.
9. Better SEO of the blocks in products, categories and manufacturers pages.
10. Popup form for product pages, category pages, manufacturer pages.
11. Supports multilanguage.
12. Supports multistore.
13. reCAPTCHA v2 in the sending form.

By default, the module supports displaying FAQ on product pages. In order to enable the display of categories or brands on the pages, you need to use the hookDisplayFooterCategory hook. This can be done: Module -> Manage Hook.

The module settings are divided into sections and look like this:
FAQ module settings for prestashop

View settings:
FAQ View settings for prestashop

Submission form settings on a single page:
FAQ Submission form settings for prestashop

Customers can ask questions using the submit form in the front office. You can create, edit and delete questions using the create/edit form. You can also specify a product, category, or manufacturer ID for that question:
Adding and editing questions and answers in the FAQ module for prestashop

Module in the front office – you can create a link to a separate page of the module in the front office, the address can be found in the main settings of the module:
Form for sending a question in the front office of the FAQ module for prestashop

The module supports the use of reCAPTCHA v2 from Google. To use reCAPTCHA v2, you need to have a Google account. And you need to register your domain before using reCAPTCHA. After registration you will get the keys that you need to insert in the module settings.

View of the module on the product card page:
View of the module on the product card page of the FAQ module for prestashop

For a quick question, customers can ask a question using the PopUp window. Notification of the question can come to your email:
View of the module on the product card page of the PopUp module FAQ form for prestashop

The module’s display design on the category and manufacturer pages is the same:
Module display design on category and manufacturer pages FAQ for prestashop

Используя этот модуль Вы сможете легко получать уведомления о полученных вопросах по электронной почте. Также вы сможете редактировать, удалять, отвечать и показывать необходимые вопросы и ответы во фронт офисе вашего магазина. Отображение дополнительной информации о вашем магазине, также положительно влияет на поисковые системы. Модуль поддерживает микромаркировку в видах блока, так что вы увидите расширенный фрагмент блока QA в Google поисковой выдачи, тем самым увеличив CTR сайта.

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